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Factors Affecting Environmental Issues. Our environment is very crucial. We can’t live in peace without a secure place. At the same time the atmosphere takes a different shape. The causes of this is globalisation and the changes that it causes. Number of issues brings about the changes. The rapid population growth causes this. The speed of population growth is very high. Most people cannot embrace birth control methods, and this leads to increased number of births. There are unchangeable things which are dependent on population growth. Land is one of the things that did not change. The surface space is unchangeable even when there is overpopulation. People have no other option rather than pass on the little land we have from one generation to the other. It is useful to put in mind that the earth contributes to growth. Therefore the field calls for much care so that we can always get the best from it. Looking after the environment ensure maintenance of the naturally occurring resources. Without these natural resources the survival for man will be difficult. It is possible for a man to use the resources for the wrong purpose. Man always excavate the underground resources everyday. This shows that in future there will be no more mines in many continents. When the need for fundamental things will be bigger than the demand in future, man shall have to dig deeper into their pockets.
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Cutting down trees comes as a result of increment in human population. this number of people get higher while resources such as land is unchangeable. Man aggressively needs to look for comfortability by creating was to increase land. Human being find no other option than to cut down trees so that they can have a settlement area. Clearing of the trees leads to a destruction of water catchment areas. One thing relies on the other for life to move on. we need to take care of one thing to ensure that we have the other. For instance, a good farming method should be invested for one to provide enough food for their family.
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The populations are rapidly growing, and this doesn’t give us ample time to take the environment into account when planning. This is what has resulted in global warming. The need to acquire more wealth has made many people engage in economic activities. Industrial activities increase economic growth although it has its disadvantages. Natural resources are highly destroyed by air and land pollution. Human beings, therefore, be advised to take of the environment they live in. Environmental professionals are emerging everywhere to enlighten people about safe environmental management. If people can take the lessons seriously, the whole world can be a safe place to live in. The challenges of high rate population can be changed. It is good to note that the answer to environmental issues lies with the people.