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Ways to Fight Revenge

The people who have been affected by revenge are needed to come forth and express what they underwent. This is a very effective way of letting people know of the kind of damage that revenge does to a human being. Such kind of testimonies help support programs that are used to fight revenge. Testimonies are a very practical way of passing this message through to an audience as sensitive as this. Whereas there are various methods used to stop revenge, such confessions are among the best methods. All channels involved in fighting revenge should have testimonies as one of their tools.

As parents, family members and siblings, we need to instill good morals and outstanding discipline to our peers. It is good to point that that we are against revenge in every area of life that we are involved in, due to the damage it does to our lives. We should express boldness and take the expected steps that will go on to stop revenge from taking root. Our lives are faced with the constant problem of having to deal with revenge, because those affected are exposed. It is dangerous that disgrace and manipulation is the range that this threat goes. We need to destroy revenge totally, because we have this knowledge.

For starters, we need to openly discourage the shooting of material. What revenge does, is to degrade an individual involved in a activity. Vengeance in most cases, is not the reason for shooting films. With this in mind, we are in very good positions to stop such kind of programs from happening. If we stop the shooting of, then we reduce chances for revenge. We need accountability to divert attention from revenge, by discontinuing avenues which advocate for.

Revenge is being discouraged by governments. Teachings are available, which show that revenge is not good. The law also states that, those who are found practicing this activity are punished by the law. Revenge has lost its grasp on people because of this. It is possible for people to take those who offend them in this manner to court, for example, those who blackmail them.

Teachings about revenge are of great benefit to the hearers. You will find that many people are unaware of the fact that, some of the content online is posted against one of the participants will. In some cases, one of the participants is unaware that their private and intimate moments have been exposed for the world to access. It is possible that such occurrences that support in one way or another, can be avoided. It is our duty to advocate for teachings that are against revenge. This can be achieved by using the examples which show the effects of revenge, such as suicide, disgrace and despair.

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