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Categories of Medical Malpractices Insurance Medical malpractice insurance is a type of insurance that protects the physicians and other licensed heath officers from problems associated with wrongful practices resulting from bodily injury, medical expenses and property damage as well as lawsuits related to such claims. Below are some of the types of medical malpractice insurance and want they entail. We have claims made coverage as a type of medical malpractice insurance. Claims that was said when the policy was still working are being covered under a medical malpractice insurance known as claims made coverage. When the events are not presented when the system is still active the claims will not be covered. If you cancel the claim and switch to other forms of insurance coverage, the policy will not cover your future claims even if the incident occurred during the time the system was still active. Avoid making claims that are not really ensure that they are put down in written with witnesses attached to it. You can as well announce the allegation verbally in the presence of the jury or the legal team that handles it. This is done for security-avoiding unexpected.
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We also have event coverage as another form of medical malpractice insurance. This type of coverage allows for the claimed to filed at any given time may be after the policy as expired or when the system is still active provided that the incident happened when the policy was still active. whether the policy was cancelled or expired by the time the claim was reported you will still be covered. This type of malpractice attracts many citizens because of its lasting solution to the wrongful deeds. Another thing is that it does not rely on the previous claims or acts thus making it provide a more stable form of protection. This type of medical malpractice insurance is more expensive compared to another form since it offers permanent solutions.
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Another type of medical malpractice insurance is tail coverage and prior acts. Tail coverage supplements the application made the blanket cover. It includes any claims that may be made when your request made policy is canceled or non-renewed. It may also cover any claims that come up in future, but they happened while your policy was still active. It offers the physician a reassurance of future protection even if the standard time of the policy has passed. Tail coverage is purchased from an insurance company that organized the expired policy, but prior acts coverage is obtained elsewhere from a different farm from the one that provided the expired policy. The two systems means the same thing.