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Solid Reasons to Join a Ministry In a general way, ministry is a chance for you to help others while taking them to God, whether at home, at work in church, and so on. If you’ve been thinking of joining one but with reservations, here are six reasons to believe it is the right thing to do. Serving God in an Organized Manner Is there anything in life that has no order or structure yet still doing well? Participating in ministry makes you part of a group determined to attain the extraordinary, whether caring for the church property through housekeeping or encouraging others to be with Christ with evangelism. You also receive guidance from the ministry’s leaders, whether directly (you and the leader communally acknowledge a mentor/mentee relationship) or indirectly (their decisions, behavior and attitude have an effect on your own as you study them in action).
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For God, love is the most important. The love you show as you give free food to a poor person or provide give medical assistance to refugees, leaves a memorable mark on their hearts. This is unquestionably augmented if you do it for the Lord, as hinted in Matthew 6:33- quite a great way to spend your time, of course. Gaining Fellowship with Other Believers Fellowship is a big deal purposely ignored by some people. Several people choose to hang out with acquaintances with questionable values instead, all for the sake of company. Why not skip that option and be friends with the wonderful people in your local community of believers? You work in tandem with them, and most likely will identify them outside of the ministry during service or even in your neighborhood. They may have some other like-minded pals wanting to hang out together. Before you even know it, you’ve made a lot of new friends. Building Your Skill Sets Looking for opportunities to list work experience? Why not begin with your ministry? Explain why being your church’s sound engineer, graphics designer or administrative assistant wouldn’t b e considered relevant experience on your CV. Whatever you are working on, do it with all your heart, as for God, correct? All of these are possible in your ministry, all the while enhancing your skills and making you enjoy every part of it. Enjoying Purpose Ever grow dead beat about your ministry, thinking your efforts are only going to waste? Unless the ministry has been grossly mismanaged, realign your thoughts. You might just be exactly where God wants you to be, and when He’d like you there. You’re surely filling a void and performing your part to support works for Christ. Now there couldn’t be a greater purpose than that.